Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday, December 8

It's the morning of our final day in Big Sky!
The sun is rising over our tents. Weather reports say it will be in the forties today! Woo!

Too tired to write much. Instead, here are some pictures:

At the end of our candlelight vigil last night, we made a single line and snaked around the parking lot to the beat of Korean drums. At the end, we passed our candles one by one to Cheehyung, who placed them in the snow in the shape of the letters "NO FTA."

A view of the tents from outside. Told you it was in a parking lot!

A strategizing moment inside the big tent.

Snowpeople against the FTA!

Today: Press conference and rally at 9:30 AM. Surprise action and rally at 2 PM in Big Sky (stay tuned!). And tonight, dwipuri - our final celebration before we scatter back to our homes tomorrow.


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Mijo said...

To the whole Big Sky crew... I MISS YOU ALREADY!! Remember - What happens in Montana stays in Montana.