Monday, December 04, 2006

Day 0ne in Montana

I am updating from a roomful of Korean, Korean American, and allied activists creating signs, banners, and pickets in a late-night blast of creativity against the KorUS FTA. What this means? The delegation of protesters for the 5th round of FTA negotiations in Big Sky, Montana has arrived! We made it to Bozeman safe and sound and ready for action, converging from South Korea, LA, New York City, and Seattle. Temperatures in Montana are frigid, but our spirits are high. Our already numerous encounters with the U.S. and Korean negotiating teams in these first few hours have only heightened our resolve and commitment to continuously voicing our opposition to the FTA. This blog will be updated from Montana throughout the week with information, stories, and photos.

Before I sign off -- an important note! The time and location of the press conference tomorrow morning have CHANGED. The press conference will be held at 9:30 AM tomorrow, December 4, outside the FTA negotiation site at the Yellowstone Convention Center, Big Sky ski resort. Join us to hear statements against the FTA from South Korean, Korean American, and local Montana organizations working in solidarity to resist these undemocratic KorUS FTA negotiations. We will move to Bozeman in the afternoon for the week's official kickoff and opening rally. See you there!

Tomorrow's actions in sum:
9:30 AM Press Conference at Yellowstone Convention Center, Big Sky
2:00 PM Opening Rally at Bozeman City Hall, Rousse and Main Street
6:00 PM Candelight Vigil at Bozeman City Hall


ATFATF said...

Wow, congratulations!!! How can we meet them in the night? Not me^^, There's someone in helena hope to see and join them, but she has only late time available. Which place are they - koreans - in, resort or Labor temple?

leeyumi said...

if you want to get in touch, e-mail we are back and forth -- big sky, bozeman, everywhere. depends on the day and time! get in touch!