Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DC 7th Round Day Two

From a KAWAN delegate who is currently in DC:

We've had a successful action on Monday, the second day of the negotiations- a civil disobedience that was somewhat not so civil. We attempted to enter the Washington Court Hotel, and wound up in a scuffle with the police- (we tried to run in and they physically threw us out, no real fights) Even though some protestors planned to get arrested (for minor charges only) the police did not arrest us. But we did create some visible tension that was picked up by the media. (tho it was mostly Korean) without the hassle of going through arrests. To listen to a sound bite go to: http://dc.indymedia.org
We wound up staying overnight at our hotel in Virginia, splittin' time between two shifts.
Tonight, as I write this in the relative comfort of the hotel room, the rest are out in sleet and snow, protesting in front of the Washington Court Hotel. I have my heat turned off in solidarity, tho I am going under the covers soon.
Will have pictures and links up soon- I need to pass out for now.

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