Monday, June 05, 2006

June 4th - Day of International Solidarity with our South Korean contingent

Photos from our first day of actions in Washington, DC. It started with a rally at Murrow Park and a march past the IMF and World Bank Buildings, the US Trade Representative's Office, to the White House and ended with a rally in Lafayette Park.


Tyree Pride said...

Thanks for posting the pix! Keep us folks who couldn't make it out there updated on what's going on.

The protest was mentioned in some of the mainstream news outlets including Reuters (

"About 50 South Korean farmers, students and labor unionists were joined by about as many U.S. activists on Sunday for an anti-FTA (free trade agreement) march and rally near the White House. Banging on traditional Korean drums and gongs, the protesters chanted "down, down, down FTA" as a U.S. Secret Service van sat parked nearby."

downdownfta said...

THANKS, keep coming back for more!
There are more photos from today's actions on the way! Also thank you for the link.